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Please ask us for specific solutions by phone or mail.

Tube Clean GmbH

TUBE CLEAN GmbH, located in Hinwil / Switzerland, was established in 2002 to coordinate and manage the worldwide marketing and sales of a unique product line to clean the internal walls of Hoses, Tubes and Pipes (HTP), developed and manufactured by COMPRI Tube Clean Pty. Ltd., based in Perth, Western Australia. When this innovative company first pioneered 1988 as Compri Technic Pty. Ltd. its early launchers and projectiles, with an vision of influencing all major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide, it was within an atmosphere of disbelief by the marketplace.
In 2001, Fouad Alghanim and Sons of Kuwait, purchased the majority of COMPRI Tube Clean Pty. Ltd. and founded TUBE CLEAN GmbH, in an effort of its justifiability for a matured product range offering a dry process cleaning HTP, eliminating such use as chemicals and solvent flushing.
Since operating under new management a range of novelty products are driving the COMPRI success story to "World leader in Hose, Tube and Pipe cleaning Technology".

Product Range:

Projectile Family: COMPRI Tube Clean Pty. Ltd., operates its own moulded foam manufacturing plant processing virgin foam based on a self developed chemical formula. It offers five types of projectiles, varying in density, porosity and surface structure.

Manual System: CE-System with a handheld launcher and a series of nozzles. Manual operating and single projectile feeding. Standard nozzles designed to fit hoses and tubes, JIC, BSP and metric fittings ranging from 6mm to 60mm. Customised sizes available.

Semi / Automatic
BISON 4000 launcher technology with automatic projectile feeding magazines. Capable to integrate fully into automatic processing lines. Cleaning HTP with internal diameters ranging from 2.5mm up to 32mm. An hourly cleaning rate of up to 3000 HTP can be achieved. Customised solutions available.
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.


A number of non exclusive distributors are operating in all type of industries offering solutions to many applications in countries worldwide.


  • Saves time
  • saves costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Safe and simple to operate.
  • Reduces warranty claims
  • Negotiates tees, elbows and 90?bends
  • Long distances are no obstacle
  • Assemblies not required to separated
  • Environmentally friendly
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